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About Us

The Ocean is Our Way of Life

Scuba Diving in San Diego changed my life. And I want to share some time with you to show you just how incredible diving in San Diego really can be. Ever since I first took a plunge at La Jolla Cove, I was hooked. And I could not help but wonder, why it wasn't more popular of a Scuba Diving Destination?


I wanted to share this dive with the world and I wanted to share this place with as many people with a similar love and respect for the Ocean that I had. I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to showing people this incredible place along their journey and relationship with the Ocean. 


After working for a few local dive shops and seeing I could offer more to my guests as my own entity, I decided I would give it a try on my own. And the rest is history. I am proud to say I still dive as much as humanly possible and I am still in Love and borderline obsessed with the wildlife in San Diego and at La Jolla Cove in particular. 

So...what sets Zach's Scuba Shack apart from other San Diego Scuba Diving and Snorkel Tour Operators that you could easily go to? Why, I thought you would never ask. A few words come to mind.

- Customizable -

Every guest comes to us with a totally different skill set and a totally different reason for diving. Some people are experts, some people it is there first time in the Ocean. Our mission is to make every dive an enjoyable experience for everyone in the group. We do our best to put you in front of the wildlife you are most interested in. Be sure to mention to us why you came to swim in San Diego.

- Flexibility & Understanding -

We understand that sometimes unexpected things can take place. Life happens. I mean, we work with the Ocean in San Diego. We know all too well that there are times it just is not meant to be. When it comes to rescheduling your trip, we try to be as flexible and as Understanding as possible.

- Relatable -

We pride ourselves in trying to put ourselves in your shoes while you are with us for your Snorkel or Scuba Diving experience. Although we are Scuba professionals, we have on many occasion bought dive packages from other dive operators around the world, and we are always taking notes on how we can improve our ergonomic flow and business strategy in a competing and ever-changing Scuba and Snorkel Tour Industry..


From setting up rental gear for our guests, assisting with putting on fins in a tricky entry, or giving someone an extra hand up the stairs after a long dive, we have done this enough to know what to expect, and how to make it easier for our guests. Just the way we would want someone to do for us.

- Honesty -

Probably our favorite attribute. We pledge to be as up front and honest when it comes to expectations in conditions as we possibly can be. Planning your Scuba Diving or Snorkel Tour in San Diego can be a tricky process, and sometimes the Ocean conditions are just not suitable for diving.

We want all of our guests that come to Zach's Scuba Shack to feel like family. And family doesn't take family out in rough conditions or horrible visibility. Frankly, diving in rough or poor conditions is not fun for us either, and we do not want our guests to go home feeling disappointed.

Anyone who is around the Ocean enough understands it's unpredictability. If we suspect the conditions are poor the day of your reservation, it is not uncommon for us to suggest a possible reschedule to a calmer day if your schedule fits it. We understand some people are only in San Diego for a brief trip, and so we try to do our best to take all of this into consideration.

- Worry Free -

Let's be honest, nobody likes to worry or be stressed out. Especially when it comes to something that is supposed to be fun like Scuba Diving or Snorkeling. And we don't like it either. This is why we adopt a laid back, no stress, no worries, 'hakuna matata' philosophy at Zach's Scuba Shack.

- Knowledgeable  -

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Southern California is not always the easiest thing to accomplish. Many facets contribute to swell size and direction, visibility and surge strength. It takes a lot time and a true yearning to learn these facets to build an understanding of what and where we should be going on our dives. Where we will have the most success at finding certain animals.

And good for our guests, a deep knowledge of San Diego's dive sites and wildlife is our specialty. So sit back and relax, we will take care of all the navigation and be there with you every step of the way.

We also love love love talking about the wildlife in La Jolla and in San Diego. When we aren't diving we are actually looking up the Latin names of our favorite Nudibranch we spotted on our last dive, or uploading Sea Lion and Octopus videos to our Instagram and Youtube Channels.

(which you should follow)

- Personal -

We've been there. You book a course or tour with a dive operator and you show up and there are way too many people in the group for one guide to comfortably spend the necessary time with each diver. When too many divers are in a group trying to keep up with one Divemaster or Tour Guide, it really is a major drag.

We do our best not to bite more than we can chew. So we limit our Scuba dive groups to around 4 divers maximum for a Scuba Experience. Our Snorkel Tours can range anywhere from 1-6 per Divemaster / Guide.

When you book an Experience with us we want you to leave feeling like you have a forever dive buddy in San Diego / La Jolla area.

Meet Some the Crew
GPTempDownload 19.JPG

Brian Zach

- Owner -

Started Scuba diving in 2013 in Utila Honduras. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from Humboldt State University. Lover of Pizza and Chile Relleno Burritos.

Favorite Animal - Sea Lion

Nicknames -  Zach / B-Zach / Zizzle Zazzle

Interesting Fact - Is the Lead Singer of a Reggae band called SYNRGY for over 15 years.

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